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artworks-000108593616-16cnt5-t500x500One thing I absolutely love about discovering music is that whenever you experience a song for the first time, it’s like the timer on that song is reset. It could be a song that came out last night, or in this case a song that came out nine months ago, but still, if it is your first listen, that song, that sound, is only moments old for you.

This one was extra fantastic for me because I recently got a chance to spend some time with the fun loving, energetic, and oh-so Canadian duo that calls themselves Humans. (It was agreed that we could make fun of Eh if they could make fun of Y’all)

I had come across their music several over the years and always loved their super organic sound. After meeting them, I learned they are analog gear fiends and had a lot of really cool ideas and methods for making their sound.

When I got back home, I dug through their catalog and came across a track titled “ENNIO”. With it’s fluid blend of analogue and electronic feel, super indie styled vocals, and infection melody, I thought it was a great summation of everything I had learned about these guys.

Check it out below, and if you dig it, pick it up on iTunes!

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