Elias New Video for Green Eyes

unnamed (14) Stockholm-based artist Elias has released the incredible official video for his second single, “Green Eyes.” See the premiere with NYLON HERE.

The track is the second single offering from Elias’ debut WARCRY EP, which saw a release last month via Warner. Soaring debut single “Revolution” saw an early 2015 release, setting the stage for big things to come for the budding artist.

“Green Eyes” showcases Elias at his best yet, a collaboration with the London-based producer GRADES who has earned growing recognition for his soulful aesthetic and unique take on R&B, house, and garage. This sound, matched with Elias’ beautifully sorrowful vocal, is as stripped back as it is hard-hitting, intimate as it is grandiose, and, put simply, a masterful work in neo-soul.

Growing up in Stockholm in a working class family, Elias’ first musical memory is that of singing punk-inspired work songs with his mother and he takes this spirit of protest to his songwriting today. As Elias proclaims, “I don’t want my music to be limited by any rules.”

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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