Snavs Debuts on Monstercat with “Time”

SNAVS - Time (Art)
Over the past three years, Monstercat has solidified its stance at the heart of electronic music by providing some of the scene’s most cutting edge music; subsequently drawing attention of the industry’s most exciting artists. Now, it’s Denmark phenom Snavs who has made his way into the Monstercat fold with his first original on the label after a previous remix for “Here It Comes”. With his new cutting edge track, “Time”, Snavs turns from his typically more grungy basslines, to a jaw dropping melodic bass tune. And in tune with the creative freedom Monstercat emphasizes, this is exactly what Snavs was shooting for,

“I’ve always wanted to make a more melodic track, and I’m happy that I finally managed to make it, and still keep the “Snavs vibe” in it. The reason I called the track ‘Time’, is because I have a ticking clock in the intro, and I also made the snare sound like a ticking clock…. For me it’s a huge thing in my career to release an original on Monstercat. I’m a big fan of the label and the artists that they release!”

With tracks as astounding as “Time” being the norm at Monstercat, its clear that 2015 continues to be a banner year; providing endless excitement of what is to come in 2016.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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