Sángo Arrives Just In Time

ii_igsdka8t2_150edd6e2b894c6cDa Rocinha 3 is the third installment of Seattle-based producer and beat maker Sángo’s album series. Once again showing off his mastery of Brazilian funk samples, electronic beats and demonstration of cultural unity through sound. As Sango puts it, Da Rocinha 3 is about keeping the funk roots true and paying homage to the ones that helped start it. I want to respect and show Rocinha in a positive light with this record while staying true to my sound.

The name Da Rocinha in Brazilian Portuguese means “Of Rocinha”. Rocinha is one of the most popular favelas in Brazil, which is located in Rio De Janeiro. Rocinha pretty much birth the Baile funk sound or what they call it, “funk carioca,” a sound still somewhat untouched in some music scenes. Da Rocinha started as a Brazilian project that has since grown alongside Sángo’ career. With each project we understand how far Sángo has gone to really understand the Portuguese language, Baile Funk, and the Brazilian culture as a whole. Sango truly understands the depth of the music and it’s origin, and in his music it is translated into a new form of energy.

Check out the full stream of the album on Sangobeats.com

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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