Pumpkin Shifts Things Around

Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado is your new favorite music producer/DJ. His spot-on song selections, special remixes and original productions have made for unforgettable live sets that seamlessly span every genre and eschew the latest trends in favor of timeless melodies that will leave a ginormous smile plastered across your face.

He’s been part of the esteemed Pocket Underground family since 2006, when after playing in rock bands all his life, he found a new passion in the hypnotic rhythms of deep house music. Pumpkin honed his now signature sound by daring to incorporate the singer-songwriter, punk rock ethos and childhood nostalgia of his past, with the futuristic sounds of the present.

His latest endeavor has been to remix a chill melodic fusion of electronic and indie influences. Filled with the lyrics and vocals from Kyrstyn Pixton. This is the kind of song that chills you out and takes you away. Enjoy!

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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