Jarbird Is In The House

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Today, London outfit Jarbird has released the engrossing official video for debut single “Such Is The House,” the lead single from the band’s debut EP slated for release early 2016.

The 4-piece found its roots at Leeds University where vocalist Ric and singer/pianist Lara were studying. After recruiting bass virtuoso Jim and returning home to their native London upon graduation, the lineup was rounded out with the addition of drummer Rami, a Hampstead resident who’d been running a successful chili dog stand.

The result of such an unlikely meld of backgrounds has taken the form of Jarbird and, today, we see the release of their first-ever offering “Such Is The House.” First surfacing online in demo form last year, this track is a melting pot of so many brilliant musical perspectives, which could only be channelled by a band with an exuberant, wide-eyed fascination with the possibilities of their music. Jarbird succeed in their knowing but artfully-delivered goal: to sound like no other band out there.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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