Inas X Is Love


Young, talented and America’s most intriguing newcomer, Inas X, is ready to capture the heart of the world, with her new single “Love Is” off her forthcoming EP, “I am Inas X”. With the support and help from Timbaland’s camp, “Love Is” is the perfect song to close out all the summer romance as we get ready for the harsh winter ahead of us. “Love Is” out now, November 2nd, for purchase on all major retailers including streaming sites Spotify and Soundcloud. Inas X is here to comfort you with her magnetic voice and catchy lyrics.

“‘Love Is’ is a song we made after the Supreme Court decision was made giving all Americans marriage equality! We wanted to make a fun, feel-good, celebration song that would just bring people together and make people happy! It’s such a revolutionary time in history and must be celebrated! Love is different to everyone but I think everyone wants to be loved. Love is painful, and hard but it also is the most beautiful strongest entity in the universe! Love is a celebration. Love is Love!” – Inas X

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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