Crywolf’s Cataclasm Is Finally Here

Set in three acts, Cataclasm is clearly a cohesive unit. It opens with a deceptively calm intro – the sounds of frigid waves lapping against the shore outside of Phillips’ cabin in Iceland, accompanied by a delicate ballad about love lost. Its poetic imagery and sheer emotional weight sets a chill-inducing benchmark for the rest of the album, perfectly introducing the nostalgic, surreal, and sometimes otherworldly undertones present throughout the entire piece of work. As a whole, Cataclasm is an intricate, winding voyage that is propelled forward by the stirring power in Phillips’ poetic lyricism, dark instrumentation, pounding organic percussion, and soaring chord progressions. Its energy is dark and electric, with bold melodies and stunning vocals that glide up and down the listener’s heartstrings with enough force to make them ache. Though it flows over many different styles, Cataclasm keeps the same incredibly unique palette throughout, with ever-evolving production reminiscent of avant-garde musicians like Odesza, Baths, and Alt-J tied together with Phillips’ soft and haunting vocals, akin to the soothing, impassioned melodies of City and Colour or Bon Iver. One of the main qualities that sets Cataclasm apart is Phillips’ use of the environment around him to create it; utilizing native Icelandic instruments throughout, incorporating recordings of his natural surroundings and even going so far as to record himself banging on the walls, ceilings, and floors of the cabin itself to evoke his desired sound. It is quite literally a product of the otherworldly environment in which it was born: dreamy and desolate, bleak and beautiful – it is as much a journey through the twisting alleys of Phillips’ mind as it is an audible manifestation of the haunting landscapes that helped inspire it.

This album is so much more than just another release. It serves as a bold step, jumping off of a metaphorical cliff with no parachute in order to create a truly original work of art: a kind of personal renaissance that is the result of years of development, discipline and dreaming. This is Crywolf. He has arrived. This is what all of his art was leading up to, teasing, hinting at… it finally has a face, a name, and now, a following. Cataclasm has been an incredible journey for everyone involved, and it couldn’t have been done without this audience. The support that we’ve received over the course of the last few months as we’ve released the four singles and episodes of The Making of Cataclasm has been astounding, humbling, and very exciting. We can’t thank you all enough for lending us your eyes and ears throughout this process.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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