Bronze Whale on point again


Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum

Bronze whale silently released a gorgeous little nugget in the middle of last night. It seems as if they have created a new Soundcloud page in order to give us these gems more often. Here is what was in the Page’s bio: “Home of Bronze Whale VIPs. We will be using this page as a place to share some of our edits, VIPs, and live material.” Sounds like a great place to find free content to us over here at Waxhole. Anyway, about the song. The Bronze Whale boys have taken an original and twisted it into something that not only fits their general vibe but something that has a lot of movement. The use of acoustic drums and recorded percussion is very evident, giving the overall feel of the song the right amount of busy without any mess. Well done, boys. Well done. Snag a free Download HERE

Check out their new “VIP” page: Bronze Whale VIP

Peep their insta: INSTA

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