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International artist collective Moving Castle has experienced a heady rise to notoriety since their formation last year. Following millions of streams online, a must-have line of merchandise, US tour, and co-signs from the likes of Porter Robinson & Skrillex, Moving Castle is ready to take the next step in showcasing their close-knit community of producers, songwriters, designers and tastemakers to the world.

Today, Moving Castle expands their reach to Spain with the collective’s debut EP Your Love from Barcelona-based producer Alizzz. Fresh off releases with Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold, Alizzz’s latest project finds itself right at home with the burgeoning turned label Moving Castle. The EP was premiered on November 11th by The FADER.

Read The FADER premiere here:

The title track “Your Love” is a wonky celebration of what else… love. UK singer Max Marshall demands attention with her repeated hook: “Hit me with your love,” a lyric that lends itself well to the “Show Me Love”-inspired bass organ line & stadium-filling synth stabs that punctuate the song.

“Basic Complexity” takes a much quicker route to the dancefloor, opening with an infectious piano riff that draws you in before launching into a hard-edged but melodic house rhythm. The highlight comes halfway through the track when the song segues into a medley of worldly percussion breaks, a gesture that seamlessly incorporates Alizzz’s hometown influence with a knowing wink.

The Your Love EP is available now for purchase and streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

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