A Fun Two Tracks From Au5 & Fractal

Au5 & Fractal - Pavonine (Art)After finding huge success in their previous Secret Weapon EP on Monstercat, Au5 and Fractal have rejoined for a brilliant two track release in “Ison / Pavonine”. These two tracks are brimming with life; exposing the true vibrancy of Au5 & Fractal’s work. With the first track, “Ison”, is an exciting Glitch Hop tune that has a fun upbeat vibe to it while still maintaining a high energy feel. “Pavonine” on the other hand, saunters the pure power these two can pack into a track while still providing this sense of being in an otherworldly environment. Whenever these two join together, it seems as though the only result is new inspiring and cutting edge music. For the sake of fans and critics alike, here’s to hoping Au5 & Fractal join in alliance again in the near future.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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