Russ Liquid & Thriftworks Interview With Waxhole

It should come as no surprise that we at Waxhole are unabashed fans and devotees to Thriftworks and Russ Liquid. Covering these two guys since 2011 has allowed us to follow these great dudes through various stages of their art as well as see them multitudes of times as they traversed the country, every now and again gracing our own backyards of Austin and Dallas. Now after completing their Too few Tour they’ve broken off to tour the country (Russ Liquid dates, and Thriftwork dates) to bug out, and delight their respective audiences. While on the Too few Tour, we were lucky enough to catch up with both of them at the same time (no small feat!) and ask them a few questions.

Thanks so so much to them and their crews to make this happen. Waxhole loves them, and we know our readers do too!

Waxhole: You guys tour a ton, how do you balance writing and producing new music with the grind that is a tour?

Russ: Since touring with Gramatik, its actually been tough to find that balance. Generally my flow
when on tour, I get ideas started. I cant actually make anything on tour so once I’m back at the studio is when all the tour ideas come to life.

Thriftworks: Its all about the balance. Unless you’re on a extended tour, it’s a bit different. Usually its weekend warrior business. Going out playing a few gigs over the weekend, then coming back home busting out a couple new tracks.


Waxhole: Russ employs live trumpet in his sets. Was it hard incorporating trumpet in your sets, Russ, or was it a natural fit? Thriftworks, any plans for some live guitar or anything else in yours?

Russ: It was definitely a natural thing, I was approaching the music with horns in mind.

Thriftworks: No live guitar for me. You might find some new distorted and/or pitched vocals soon though.

Russ Liquid - Live Photo 2Waxhole: What is the weirdest thing you have asked for on your rider, and what is the strangest thing you’ve found backstage at a gig?

Russ: The weirdest thing I ask for on my rider is a Unicorn once.

Thriftworks: Never asked for anything weird on my rider. Strangest thing I’ve found backstage is bonified tidal-rippin ground scores.


Waxhole: You guys have toured a ton, what cities/countries you haven’t been to yet are you most interested in ticking off your lists?

Russ: Anywhere in Japan.

Thriftworks: Europe, straight up. I have not been yet. Personal or work. I want to travel all of Europe.


Waxhole: Festivals vs clubs; which do you like to play better? What are some of your favorite venues to play?

Russ: Both. I like them equally, they both have different vibes that I love.

Thriftworks: What Russ said.


Waxhole: You both won’t be hitting Texas this upcoming tour, but any plans for a TX date or two the winter into next year? SXSW, maybe?

Russ: I look forward coming back to Austin, its one of my favorite places to play.

Thriftworks: Nothing on the books yet. Unsure about SXSW yet.


Waxhole: Both of you guys have been in the game for a fair few years. What are you liking about the new blood coming out, the new styles, and new production trends? Anything out there that has you stoked about where music is heading?

Russ: I really like that more DJ acts implementing live instruments in their performances.

Thriftworks: Blap Deli for Prez 2016.


Waxhole: What about the flipside of the previous question. Anything that concerns you or disappoints you about the music these days or the industry as a whole?

Thriftworks: I’m mostly concerned about staying inspired and finding new ways to break the mold. Like you need to impress yourself, if you’re not blowing your own lid then you’re not giving it your all. Goal is to keep the inspiration there.


Waxhole: You guys have released under multiple labels, done the DIY thing, and have just thrown dope tracks out there for free on Soundcloud, etc. For the industry as a whole, which way do you think is the best way to release music going forward?

Russ: DIY is the best way moving forward, in my opinion.

Thriftworks: I’m def down and think current trends show that when you reach a certain level in the Independent realm that it’s def profitable. I’m def stoked to keep releasing how I’ve been. Most of my releases are on a “pay-what-you- want” basis. You know most your income is coming from live performances anyways. I think independent way is the way to go. But look at whats happening now, Soundcloud is already getting bought out. The big boys are coming back and they have the big money so its hard to say no sometimes I’m sure.


Waxhole: We have a ton of producers who read/follow Waxhole. You guys have any advice or words of wisdom for those cats starting out?

Thriftworks: Stick to your gut and be true to yourself. Don’t hop on any wagon unless its truely floats your boat, and if it does then hop on board. Just do you.


Waxhole: We all know you guys are crazy talented musically. Any other skills people may not know you possess?

Russ: Recent years photography has become a hobby for me and I truly enjoy it.

Thriftworks: I own a vape cap company that is based out of Memphis, TN. We provide trench coat style vape caps that can hold up to 12 100 watt vaporizes. They’re being made in Bali and will be available next summer on the Datsik/Deadmat3 tour.


Waxhole: Favorite breakfast food? Favorite road food?

Russ: Favorite breakfast food is traditional eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. My favorite road food is pizza!!!

Thriftworks: As of lately its something I found at a new spot. It’s called french toast & nugs. its french toast and chicken nuggets. Its like chicken and waffles but better.


Waxhole: What’s next for you guys? Any music we should look out for while you guys are traversing the US?

Russ: Next year I will be having a guitar player play with me full time. Im excited to make my shows more live.

Thriftworks: Yeah I have some singles coming out on various compilations. I have a project in the works for a West Coast label. Its a label I really respect. I’m really stoked, stay posted for more info on that.

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