Left/Right Gets Deep

LEFTRiightIt’s been a long while since we’ve featured our main man Left/Right (Soundcloud, Facebook) on here, but hot damn he’s been busy in the interim! For those in Dallas, you all have Halloween plans to see him and more. Checkit!!!

Left/Right if you will recall from our last coverage, had tons of stuff in the pipeline and tons more stuff working on, and now, it;s all coming out for our listening and grooving pleasure.

So let’s take a listen, eh?

First tune, and most recent, released just yesterday is a tune remixing the oft-remixed/bootlegged Ariana Grande. Left/Right, though, doesn’t do anything half-ass, so this isn;t some janky beat thrown on top of an acapella ripped off YouTube. This one has that vibe to it that you know when you hear it on the dance floor, the room becomes steamy, sweaty and that much more close.

You want sweaty? Well he’s got another deep throbbing tune, aptly named ‘Sweat’ to add to the playlist. As the above track, this one turns the mood on the dancefloor to one that closes out the night and sends you home to carry on the good vibes.

Now, if you want to get a little bit of a retro vibe, and get the head bobbing something fierce, this next tune is right up your alley. ‘Don’t Give It Up’ gets you grooving whether you like it or not. Need to get some work done? Churn through that workout? Grind through that commute? This tune has you amped up and ramped up to push through it all. Really a great tune to have on in your headphones for whatever you have goin on.

Then last but definitely not least is his collaboration with long time friend and Dallas DJ Trespass. One of those tunes that I’d been hearing in his sets for a long time and now it’s finally hit my ears in its completed and 5+ minutes of bliss. Besides the deep groove, the melody and breakdown brings cinematic glimpses of a space odyssey ending in either glory or despair. Powerful tune that these boys have put together, and really comes as no surprise. So much talent in these 20 fingers, and two brains I just hope there are more and more collabs to come *Spoiler alert – there are.

So enjoy the tunes, enjoy the free downloads (Thanks Left/Right!) and get these tunes added to your weekend playlist right now!

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