Khai’s Debut EP If You

MdauD9LDzFiXFS_uZcHoBKLbBmWWexqCk51daHwQmNwb-63NQorq_kaclB69iO3Lqb4OMA=s2048It’s finally here. After two very successful chart-topping singles the full debut EP from Khai is here. “If You” is out now available for purchase and for streaming. Khai’s sensational voice, soothing melodies, and progressing songwriting is something that is going to push this young artist further into the spotlight. Only one other artist is featured on the whole project, Napgirl vocalist CYN, who helps Khai paint us an even more beautiful picture with the song “Take”. sving a purpose within his heart for each song, Khai puts his feelings out there for the world to experience. As a fresh face to the game, we welcome Khai with open arms for his amazing talents and beautiful voice.

“ ‘If You’ is a brief glimpse into an evolving sound. Music is always changing, and new sounds change the way songwriters look at music. New doors are open to creativity.” – Khai

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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