Crywolf Rises To The Next Level

Rising, Rising FINAL

Crywolf has always been a unique songwriter and producer. Finding creativity in a vast field of copy and paste I feel it’s his artistry that has risen him to where he is. Well with his new album Cataclasm he will keep rising and rising. Crywolf went to amazing lengths for his new album. With the aid of his dedicated fanbase and supportive network he went on a forty-five day journey of self-isolation in a remote Icelandic village to record. A decided departure from his previous process and sound as a LA based producer. Now we have the first look at his single “Rising, Rising” which is filled with lush natural sounds, clean and live percussion and a emotion all to it’s own.

“I’ve had this reoccurring daydream where I walk outside my house, look upwards, and start to slowly float towards the sky. Suspended in the air, rising up, the people and buildings on the ground getting smaller and smaller… It has always given me this very unique feeling that I can’t pin down; Almost like a nostalgia for something that hasn’t happened yet. I get this invigorating feeling of moving on to another world. I’m not sure where this single came from inside of me, but I know it has to do with that image. I recorded this entire song with real instruments. I wanted to feel the music in my hands as I created it. It doesn’t have specified verses and choruses; it just floats from movement to movement, slowly evolving and growing. I wanted it to be a journey.” – Crywolf

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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