Khai Is On His Way Up


If you’ve been paying attention you’ve heard of Khai by now. He’s been featured in a couple of Bronze Whale and Samuel Proffitt tracks. Now we get a taste of the young artist on his own. His first single “Do You Go Up” is being released on the indie label, Octal Sound, and heralds the much anticipated freshman EP, If You. I’ve been fortunate to already hear the whole EP and I wish I could bring you the whole thing now. It’s that good. However you’ll have to do with this tasty morsel of audio. “Do You Go Up” showcases Khai’s songwriting talents and the magical quality in his voice.

“This song is extremely special to me. I wrote, produced and created the song all off the feeling of vulnerability. After a go around with this girl, all these feelings and emotions were screaming inside of me, so I wrote them all down then sat down with my synthesizer to create the sounds and melodies that make “Do You Go Up”. I really worked hard to create content that made me expose myself at my most vulnerable state. “Do you go up” is about me wanting an outsider to love me so much that they “fly”. It’s the sensation you have when you really want to feel like you are worth loving.” – Khai

Khai – Do You Go Up
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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