Three from The M Machine’s B-Sides

Metropolis: The B-Sides
If you have been following along with my coverage of The M Machine’s Metropolis: The B-Sides then you will already know how I’ve rambled about my fanboy obsession with the previously titled Metropolis EP’s, here and here.

They have been cranking out the free downloads since then. So to catch us up here are the three newest in the expanded universe of Metropolis. “Specific Hell” is one you have heard if you have ever had the good fortune to catch them live. This is a track they used to encore with. When the pulsing beat finally gives away to the synth work there is a epic arpeggio build that swells and then crashes away.

“Radiolight” is probably one of my favorite out of the three. According to the band this is a very old track. The synth-pop sound design gives it that feeling and the emotion runs deep in this instrumental track. It immediately had me reaching for the replay button.

Last in this list is “Space Design”, an ambient piece, that has a certain objective to achieve. This was The M Machine’s score to the march of an intergalactic siege. This particular opus, if you will, achieves a grandiose vision as if set to a movie scene where and invading force journeys past, and as it passes the last few twinkles of hope in the universe leaves with it.

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The M Machine – Specific Hell

The M Machine – Radiolight

The M Machine – Space Design

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