Happy Sunday to all you weekend jammers out there, I’m back again for another round of my absolute favorite finds over the last week. I’m kicking off the week with something special from a new producer I stumbled across last week; IAmThinkTank. Mr Tank here takes us on a wonderfully atmospheric, grimey and dark journey though the nethers with ‘Space Bound Pie’. This one conjured up some fun feelings of a world that’s a cross between Silent Hill and War of the Worlds, such good environmental creation here. Also HOLY CRAP ALIAS DOPPELGANGER ALTER 🙂 NExt up we got a surprise weekend upload from Tekvision, a light and crisp number that seems like it be right at home on our next track’s label, Soda Island. The latest from the Island sees Izzard & Blankts coming together for a nice stroll and skip of a track. Finally just a straight quality number from Brock Berrigan, this one had me popping and locking right at my desk

Posted By: THiNK

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