The M Machine Shines Like Diamonds

artworks-000126067638-snmm23-t500x500 Continuing my late night tuesday philosophic waxing about The M Machine (see here if you missed it), the duo have turned out the second in their collection of Metropolis: The B-Sides, “Diamonds”. Not much is said about this track other than it is is a rainy night in Metropolis, and not much else is needed to be said about it because the track is just about perfect for that.

Still I like to believe that this track if released with the other material would have been on Metropolis Part 2 seated between “Schadenfreude” and “Luma”. The 128 bpm tempo of “Diamonds” matches with “Schadenfreude” and provides for a good mood change from the B-flat major key of “Schadenfreude” to the matching relative key of G minor in “Diamonds”. This then bridges us to the half time feel of 65 bpm in the opening of “Luma” and provides transitions not only in the samples of the storm but in a energy shift by jumping two keys in the wheel of fifths to F minor. Of course that’s all just ‘in my head’.

The M Machine – Diamonds
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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