Robotaki Doesn’t Just Dream

Autograf_Dream_Robotaki Robotaki has been making waves lately. With a couple of very successful remixes that have come out lately it looks like he is out to add a third one to this list. Today Robotaki’s remix of Autograf’s hit single ‘Dream’ has dropped and with the number of times I’ve personally played it today I’m sure it’s numbers are doing well.Turning Autograf’s song into something else entirely is quite the feat but Robotaki has managed it. A minimal funk is tied off to Autograf’s vocals. When it hits the bass expands into quite the dancefloor shaker, only after a small cool off periods it swings around to do it again but with a bit more flair. I think I’ve just found my new favorite Robotaki track.

Autograf – Dream (Robotaki Remix)
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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