JumoDaddy Is More Than Alright


Talk about your fan fare, JumoDaddy is rolling out his new track on Play Me Records and Nest HQ popped the premier cherry on it. So why are the big dogs talking about this track. Oh yeah cause it’s pretty kick ass.

Here is what Nest HQ had to say about it, “JumoDaddy returns to Los Angeles label, Play Me, for a free download release of his new single “Alright With Me” featuring diva-esque vocals from Ghanian/Hungarian vocalist, Sena. There’s an interesting juxtaposition of light and dark that JumoDaddy creates in the track, pitting Sena’s uplifting pipes and progressive house chords with heavy drums and raw, machine gun synth bursts. Once again, it appears that JumoDaddy’s distinct fusion of bass sub-genres sets him apart.”

JumoDaddy – Alright With Me ft. Sena
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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