Ducked Ape Cuts A Pathway [Waxhole Premiere]

Ducked_Ape_Pathway If there is one thing that will get me every time is a well thought out concept album. Ducked Ape is coming straight out on his debut album with a well executed concept. It’s being teased now and will continue to do so until it’s full album release with Heroic Recordings on September 4th. You may have seen the five other released songs in this story, but I am proud to present my favorite in this tale, “Pathway”.

The story synopsis for this chapter is, “After our group has found their way out of the caves, their pathway changes. The sky turned dark and the ground turns to mud. A defining moment for our boy and this elephant friend.” I believe it also is a defining song for the album. Follow the adventures on Ducked Ape’s Website and social media and pre-order the full release on Bandcamp or iTunes.

Ducked Ape – Pathway
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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