Dillon Francis Drops an Inferno Of A Remix

Dillon-francis-MadeonThis has been a fun weekend of being out way too late with friends and entirely to much imbibing. My Sunday has been an attempt to recover while casually searching for soothing songs on Soundcloud. Instead I find Dillon Francis dropping fresh napalm on my face. His This Mixtape Is Fire EP dropped less than two weeks ago and Dillon is now unleashing his remix for Madeon’s track “Imperium”. The original version of this track is my favorite off of Madeon’s debut album Adventure and Dillon Francis has turned this into an adrenaline fueled, techy and complex track with moombahton underpinnings. It completely melted my skull and I could not be happier.

Madeon – Imperium (Dillon Francis Remix)
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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