The weekend has arrived once again! And thank goodness, while the week was short on days it most certainly wasn’t short on awesome new tunes for your ears. Kicking things off right into left field is an amazing piece from SpectraSoul and Joshua Idehen. The vibes on Kutchi one are so unique, like nuero-hop and Trent Reznor had a baby – such badassery. A T E N R A Y S is back with some more percussive madness with ‘into’. He’s really digging deeper and refining his sound, much to my ears pleasure. Tekvision up next with his take on ‘Ashtray’ from Think Twice & EMP, this whole bunch has been cranking out the madness recent, i’d suggest getting them ALL on your radar. And just cause I think it’ll round out the batch nicely ill end one here with one from Moody Good’s last EP ‘The Investigation’ – creativity all around – ENJOY!

Posted By: THiNK

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