Heroes VS Villians

In another galaxy
There was a planet in conflict…
A battle waged for centuries between the forces of light and dark. The skies roared with thunder and vengeance.
Divided by the light and dark, the world split in two halves. Each conquered by a single dominion.
The light was led by Heroic, a blessed people. Thriving in light, elation and bliss.
The dark was led by Villain, the usurpers. Thriving in darkness, unseen and mighty.

This is the story behind the launch of a new imprint by the founders of Heroic Recordings. The rise of the new Villian Recordings. You may be familiar with Heroic by now with names such as San Holo, Ark Patrol, Ducked Ape and Dooqu leading the way with the experimental, positive and melodic side of things.

Now we have the talented Whynnel, a Slovenian based artist, making his debut with a new single, “Mitzdi”. The sound is technical moody and unique a perfect introduction to a Villain.

In addition to launching a new label co-founder Budi also said they have release a new subscription service.

“Recently we have launched The Ring, our subscription platform, where fans can get unlimited access to our full catalog (of both Heroic and Villain) and are invited into a private platform where they can interact directly with our crew and artists. We’re currently developing it further.”

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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