Fourplay Friday Vol 51

FFSquare51 It’s a new Friday and a new Fourplay Friday. Here with volume 51 we are introducing a new series of pictures. We going to be graced over the next ten weeks by the beautiful visage of Sally K, a very talented model from Austin Texas. While I know these picture of her are enough to keep you coming back week after week I’ve even got new music for you. It’s kind of a package deal.

To kick us off we have KRETSEN remixing “Last Days Of Dancing” by Maja Francis. This track hits me in all the right places of things I love. Melodic and beautiful female vocals, and a slow jam moomba beat to give it just the perfect tropical feel

Next up we are up with Chet Faker. He has revisited his track “1998” and updated it with the addition of a verse by Banks. I didn’t really think you could improve on this track but having the great vocals from Banks just takes this to the next level.

Here we move on to a great collaboration. Robokid, AObeats, Manila Killa, and Blaise Railey have teamed up to bring us a great track called “Helix 2.0”. When you have so many producers on a track it can go one of two ways. Really horrible because everyone is trying to inject their signature sound in the track or really great because they all know how to play off each other. This time it was the latter.

Last up we have Kodak To Graph remixing Deebs & Jarell Perry’s “Driving Blind”. This is a super fun track that balances future and trap elements very well while switching back and forth between melodic vocal driven pieces to minimal crunk drops that will have all the heads bobbin’.

Photography: Joseph Noctum
Model: Sally K

Maja Francis – Last Days Of Dancing (KRETSEN Remix)
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Chet Faker – 1998 feat. Banks
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Robokid, AObeats & Manila Killa – Helix 2.0 (Ft. Blaise Railey)
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Deebs & Jarell Perry – Driving Blind (Kodak To Graph Remix)
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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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