Almeria comes out swinging

artworks-000112542905-i2kyjn-t500x500French producers Everydayz and Phazz just dropped a super diverse and energetic LP titled Almeria. Out on Nowadays Records, this LP delivers three very unique tracks that all still manage to feel nicely tied together.

This one was super exciting for me to dig into as I have been familiar with Phazz for a while now, but was just introduced to Everydayz and Nowadays records which both offer stellar content.

Straight off the bat, the title track ‘Almeria’ builds up from a silky smooth and soul-laden intro into a wall of brassy sound that I’ve come to know Phazz for. Next up, Girl of my dream features dreamy vocals from Bridge, while reconstituting the jazz groove in a whole different direction. Steering from the hard hitting future style of the title track, Girl of my dreams leans on a lounge-y house feel to really set the mood. Finally the LP wraps up with Trappe D’Amour. This was a track I was previously familiar with, but seeing it played off of the first two songs it really sends the whole thing home. Swanky isn’t a strong enough word to describe the feel this track sets up.

All around super impressive showing from these up and coming artists.  Grab your copy on iTunes (which looks to have a bunch of additional content added onto the purchase).

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