Two More Tracks To BAILE’s Matter EP

Matter Album Art High Rez Another two tracks in BAILE’s Matter EP have appeared. We first talked about this upcoming EP a few weeks back when he dropped “Leaves“. With two more pieces to the puzzle, I’m liking where this is headed. The first up is another vocal collaboration, this time on the title track, with Felicia Douglass. “Matter” is a super groovy little tune filled with longing emotion and beautiful soundscapes. With Felicia’s haunting vocals it was hard for BAILE to steer this track wrong. Secondly we have called “Down”, and the Soundcloud description puts it, “(It’s a) Captured dialogue between two deep techno synths”. It’s a fun piece that will have your mind turning while your feet are moving.

Looks like only a month to wait for the rest of the EP as it’s been scheduled for July 24th on Color Station. Grab the pre-order now on iTunes.

Matter Featuring Felicia Douglass


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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