Owen Bones New EP Will Sabotage Your Brain

Ever versatile, ever mysterious, Owen Bones is quickly establishing himself as a Chicago-based producer whose work stands singular in a crowd of increasingly unvaried music production. His latest Sabotage EP is a three-song journey directly into the Owen Bones psyche, an emotional but mysterious and even ambiguous start-to-finish work that slaps equally hard with creative beatwork as it does build lush soundscapes. “Super Late” builds into a full-on daydream, before “Flying Blind” takes you right into turbulent skies, followed by “Sin Eater” bringing you to rock solid, yet ominous shelter with a chaotic finish that builds to massive crescendo. Accompanied by a newly redeveloped live show to support these recent productions, as well as several forthcoming midwest dates this summer, Owen Bones’ true tale of Sabotage is only just beginning.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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