House Party

HouseParty1 You might have noticed we don’t post very much house music around here at Waxhole. It’s was never a conscious decision, it just that most of us play, work, and listen in the more breakbeat area of electronic music. Naturally we find lots of house tunes in our feed and it’s not bad, we just haven’t typically posted it. Well in a effort to end our beat pattern discrimination I am starting a house party. To be thrown when ever the heck I feel like it. Because that’s when you need a good house party. When ever you feel like it. So to kick us off here are three house tunes from Artec, Bash To The Rescue, and Secret Panda Society


Artec – You Got It (feat. Mike Irving) Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Video

Zedd – Beautiful Now Ft. Jon Bellion – (Bash To The Rescue’s Remix) Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Minnesota – Voyager (Secret Panda Society Remix) Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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