House Party

HouseParty4 House party going up on a Tuesday? Sure why not. There was plenty to celebrate this weekend and I hope that some of you celebrated so much that your just now recovering from your hang over. I hope some of you are still on your Honeymoon. Isn’t it great when we can finally make some break throughs on human rights? That’s cause for good friends to get together and party. Let’s tackle the rest of them now, but after we have these three tracks for your next house party. A threesome of remixes by Slaptop, Kat Krazy, and Steve James.



Conrad Sewell – Hold Me Up (Slaptop Remix) Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter

Krept and Konan – Freak Of The Week (Kat Krazy Remix) Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter

ZEDD ft. Selena Gomez – I Want You To Know (Steve James Remix) Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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