Heroic Gets Delirious With Ferraz


Heroic introduces Ferraz, the new Venezuelan based addition to the roster, who came to their attention for beautifully merging future, funk and disco sounds. The Delirious EP is a disco inspired release with huge 80’s influences, for which Ferraz teamed up with fellow Venezuelan vocalist Alissa Maria.

Leading single “More Than That” is upbeat, funky and showcases Alissa’s unique voice. With undertones of funk guitar and percussion layered with pulsing synths, this track journeys through warmth and confidence. Perfect for listening to on the beach, or on a slow, hot day.

While both are bassline driven smooth jams at it’s finest. The more downtempo “So Delirious” is more groovy. It shows Ferraz’s foray into the Future sound with lazy, twisting synths and a constant, percussive house beat to tie it all together. Still remaining minimal while conveying so much feeling.

Both tracks available now on Heroic Recordings.

Ferraz – More Than That (ft. Alissa Maria)

Ferraz – So Delirious (ft. Alissa Maria)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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