Fourplay Friday Vol 45

FFSquare45 What a week, this week has required lots of alcohol, so to reward myself to for reaching the end of the week I think it calls for more alcohol. If that was true I might actually need to seek help, but since it’s not I’m going to turn to these four tunes to help me get through to the official start of the weekend.

To start things off we have Samuel Proffitt remixing Jamie XX. It began with him playing with a remix and then an old Cary Grant movie started playing in the background. As the song began, he made a speech in the movie about art and its meaning in relation to the lives of people in the ‘modern’ world. This struck a cord with him and the end result is something we can all enjoy.

Next up we have Austin Texas locals Slooom with their new track “Honey”. I posted the video for this on our facebook a while back, but they have graced us with the track on their Soundcloud now. This track is great and I’m so happy that it comes from Waxhole’s home town. Go ATX!

Next we have SMLE remixing Vaults “One Last Night”. This was shown to me by one of my friends whose musical taste I hold in high regard. He said that SMLE is on the top of his list for people to keep an eye on. So I gave him a follow and so should you.

Last up we have Chiefs with the title track off their upcoming EP Demon. This is a great track that bends several genres together and gives off an overall dub feel. The vocals from Beayz are icing on a great audio cake.

Photographer: Joseph Noctum
Model: Hattie Watson
Location: Star Of Texas Inn and Folk House

Jamie XX – Just Saying (Samuel Proffitt Remix)

Slooom – Honey

Vaults – One Last Night (SMLE Remix)

Chiefs – Demon ft. Beayz

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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