Dani Deahl Mixes Up That Kangaroo Money

Dani Deahl Kangaroo Money One of my favorite meccas for all music badass and free has dropped a new track. OTODAYO records the brainchild of Tha Trickaz has been providing us with awesome music with the great price of free for a hot minute now. Their latest is a collaboration between Lemi Vice and Action Jackson featuring Gucci Mane entitled “Kangaroo Money”. This release came out with two remixes one from Bass Cadets and the other from Dani Deahl. It’s the latter that really caught my attention as an earworm of a trap tune. You may remember Dani Deahl from her “Next Episode Remix” with Jason Edward. That tune blew up and had support from headliner acts. Now I think she has done it again. Not that the original or the other remix is bad, Dani just put some extra shine on this. I’m definitely adding this to my crate and I expect that quite a few DJ’s will be doing the same.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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