Crywolf Brings Us A Dysphoric New Record

Crywolf-Dysphoria We got a peek at this a few weeks ago when Crywolf let loose with “Neverland” and now the whole new record Dysphoria is here. It is chopped full of that epic and emotional Crywolf sound that we have come to love. This eight track record is actually five songs artful pulled together with two interludes and a ending track titled “Dirge [Everything Is Over Now]” which brings this concept piece to its proper “coda”.

“Lots of people talk about euphoria, but very few talk about its opposite, dysphoria. Dysphoria is defined as a ‘profound state of unease or perceived isolation. The ancient Greeks believed that states of dysphoria were induced by the presence of mysterious deities, foreign powers with unknown motives. If a foreign deity was in close proximity, you would start to feel their strange world seeping into your own, bleeding in.” – Crywolf

Go grab it here on iTunes.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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