Chainsmokers Overload On This Life Of Dillion Remix

TCS-LoD This is been happening more lately. I hit play on a song expecting one thing and get surprised by something totally different. I’ve come to know The Chainsmokers for their addictive house tunes but they turned up a trapped out chilled remix of Life Of Dillion. Their description of the track from soundcloud is just perfect.

“We remember the day our manager came into our studio aka drew’s living room apartment to show us this new band he was going to sign to Disruptor Records. The first record he played us was this tune Overload and we were hooked! We had never heard of them before but we proceeded to listen to 10 more songs of theirs and we were blown away. Their sound was so refreshing from the instruments to their vocals. There was a summertime quality to all their music that couldn’t be denied. Flash forward a couple months and we had the chance to meet them in LA. We proceeded to do what any dudes meeting for the first time would do, we through a mansion party at a buddies got totally blackout and missed the call time for what was our Let You Go music video. Flash even more forward and Overload is taking over top40 and they are about to drop their next single Dreams! The boys were cool enough to let us take a shot a remixing overload and putting our touch on it. The song itself is already just so amazing and vibey… its like drinking coconut water on a beach while getting a foot rub and someone somewhere else transferring large sums of money into your bank acct. SO we figured why change that and just change the foot rub to a back massage and money to a kiss from a chick you really are into but didn’t know she was also into you…. So without further adieu… our remix of Overload!”

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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