Bronze Whale Shots Fired.


Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum

Bronze Whale dropped their inaugural EP on Tuesday. We talked about War Of Art when the pre-order came up with their first single off the EP “Van Gogh” with Jon Von Letscher” dropped two weeks ago. Now we have the rest of the amazing tracks to enjoy. Next after the initial genre bending anthem we get another track that defies definition just the same. This one, “Love To Feel” is another Bronze Whale track to feature Khai. For all the fans who remember “Weird Dark Things“, this track will feel like a happy reunion of great artists.
Next on the tracklist is “Kings” a very emotional track that features the beautiful vocals of KP. It’s overall a gorgeous track that will make you feel on top of the world. The final track on the album is a cinematic and powerful cut featuring the vocals of Bamiyah. I feel as though this would make a great opener for something epic.

All of this is wrapped up with five great visual pieces of art that where created by the late, great Doug Jaques. You can get a preview of them on imgur, or pick up the full digital booklet when you grab the EP on iTunes.

To wrap this up lets hear what Bronze Whale themselves had to say about their War Of Art EP.
“The idea of an EP was a strange concept to us. In a music culture now where songs are created and released piece by piece, creating a body of music seemed counter-intuitive.
About a year ago, we sat down and decided that we wanted a body of work that was able to do more than just be songs on a playlist. We wanted to make something that represented our ideas and art. A body of music that was not limited to a BPM or genre or fad. Something that had a unique voice.
War Of Art is just that. It’s us following our own path. We’ve worked with four of the most amazing up and coming singers to create this EP. We produced, recorded, and mastered this EP ourselves. We created our own artwork and decided to feature paintings created by Jaques’ late father.
This is our take on the war of art, and what we love so much about it.”


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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