Tom & Hills “Lighters” ft Troi and the (Tontario Remix)

Lighters Ok, now I really want a pool dance party. Just got turned on to this track by Tom & Hills featuring Troi called “Lighters” and the Tontario remix of it.

Tom & Hills are one of the most promising dance acts rising from Finland during recent years. Last year they broke through with their debut single for Universal Music: ‘No Brakes’ which featured the Lauri Ylönen (of multimillion selling The Rasmus 
fame) as the topliner. The single gained lot of support both locally and globally when entering the DeejayWorx Global Top 10.

Now Tom & Hills returns with a fantastic follow up single ‘Lighters’ which features beautiful vocal delivery by hotter 
than hot Troi. She has been toplining for the likes of Lupe Fiasco, T.I and Will Sparks and is clearly destined for great things. The original mix has a 80s influenced widescreen atmosphere oozing emotion and cinematic qualities. It reminds me of an 80’s Stevie Nicks tune.

The Tontario remix takes all of that goodness and brings it up to a nu disco feel that would be perfect for a poolside party. Check out the remix and the music video for the original below.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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