It’s been a pretty wild week down here in Texas with record breaking rain and flooding statewide, but fear not; the jams shall continue! This week brings us a bundle of awesomeness for the ears, and to kick things off is a lovely track from AVIONICS. Vertigo is quite the journey, with a whole grab bag of musical elements and styles blended to perfection. Next comes grypnet’s ultra crisp take on Ryan Hemsworth’s ‘Snow in Newark’, all the quirky goodness you’d expect is here in full force. Next up comes a fantastic neuro number from Tekvision, full of energy and super smooth to boot – plus sexy sax, pure gold. Rounding things out is a sampling from Diversa’s latest due out tomorrow, gotta love it when he dips over to the d’n’b side – such good vibes!

Posted By: THiNK

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