THiNK Tank’s 3 day weekend edition of the Dump has arrived! I’ve got some super sweet selections to round out this nice long weekend. Starting this off we have a sultry number from Maths Time Joy with Cerulean – pure silk on this one. Up next comes some swaggerific space groove vibes from Joss Ryan – all you Evil Needle fans out there are sure to dig this as well. C Y G N snuck up a lovely roller of a track with Bullshit, I had the chance to cruise in the rain to this one today and it fit quite nicely. Up next it’s MUTA! His latest “At Night” is a super funky toe tapper that sorta hits a sweet spot between Queen Leaf and L-VIS 1990 – gotta love it! Ok, last but not least is yet another amazing track from Soda Island, this time Ramzoid hits the ground running with “Turtle Theme” – gotta get on that groove, so good!

Posted By: THiNK

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