The weekend is here! For this edition of the Dump I’ve got a super awesome pack of tunes even your mother would love. Kickin’ things off is a real bumper from RASCAL, you just gotta love the strings and horns stitched into this one, such a sweet roller! Next up is a sultry number from WAVVY FROG, he’s a totally new find for me, and boy am I glad I came across him as this track is really something special – be sure to hop over to Exhume Music’s page for the rest of this stellar compilation. Next up is a really stunning Marvin Gaye remix from Beshken, hopefully it doesn’t get ban hammered as it’s a gem. Taking things up a notch comes a fantastic remix from Russia’s Quok with his remix of ‘And Fill the Void” from the also awesome Jan Amit. Rounding things out this week is a lush remix from Euph with some superb minimal d’n’b sounds for you ears, Enjoy!

Posted By: THiNK

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