Hello and welcome to another wonderful weekend of the very best tunes from the week, chosen by your’s truly. The week was once again jam packed full of goodness and to kick things off we’ve got yet another heater from herzeloyde, ‘knowone’ gets a little weird in all the very best ways and shows us that herzeloyde’s certainly not afraid to get creative with his sounds. Next we’ve got a fantastic number from SELVSSE’s latest EP ‘Rituals’, and as a nice bonus JD. Reid drops in some of his silky flavor as well – these two really pair well. Next up is some absolutely stellar glitch hop from Skope & Disprove, the track shines from start to finish. Following nicely off the heels of that last one comes another fantastic experience via refraq. I have a feeling this is a gent you’ll be seeing a lot of from this corner, his experimentation and ability to express a story through sound is something very special, def get him on your radar stat! Smoothing out this weeks selections, taking us back down smoothly is another fine piece from Clay the Gray with some soulful, healing vibes. Enjoy!



Posted By: THiNK

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