Thero Delivers A Remixed Sunrise

While it’s flooding here in Texas I’m going to turn my thoughts to a warmer climate with a beach and sunset. To help us we have a remix from Thero. The latest in his growing line of summer chill-out anthems comes in the form of an airy remix of “Till Sunrise,” the 2014-debut single from the LA-based dream weaver himself, Goldroom.

Recognizing the original’s potential for even more intimate and fervent vibes, Thero has taken this already clean-cut slow burner and reworked it for a maxed out creamy flow. This remix takes a path that’s drastically more down to Earth, with homey acoustics and reinterpreted lyric arrangement. The new instrumentation and arrangement makes for an organic track, with an uncanny sense of relatability.

Listeners are greeted with a warm wave of various drums and innocent guitar riffs, along with expertly used details of claps, snares, and white noise that compound with great effect; make no mistake though, this isn’t a lullaby, as steel drums, electric guitar, funky bass and a jazzy piano chords comes flying in to kick things up a notch.

“This one will be perfect for the summer, whether that’s chilling poolside, or cruisin’ with the windows down.”

With this “Till Sunrise” remix, Thero continues to venture out in new audible territories, as he experiments with colorful palette of creative styles. This is an excellent example of progressive musical craftsmanship that binds itself to no genre, and gives its listeners something truly fresh to enjoy. Luckily, this fresh new tune is available as free download, and would be a crime to pass up.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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