Fourplay Friday Vol 38

FFSquare38 Here we are in volume 38 for the Fourplay Friday. While here in America we have the all too familiar “TGIF” acronym which stands for “Thank God It’s Friday”. A phrase that probably has it’s roots in our Puritan settlers and has been commercialized to death like most things in America. However I think we need to take note from our neighbors across the pond and start celebrating “POETS Day” on Fridays. A more crude and jovial term that stands for “Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday”. I can’t think of a more perfect way to sum up how I feel on Fridays. To get our POETS celebrations kicked off this morning I’ve selected four beat poets to make it a perfect Fourplay Friday.

Starting things off is cln. This young producer has an EP titled Found coming out on June 15th, and the first single off of it is “Hold Me”. The track is a beautifully chill tune that has a very personal touch on it with cln’s own vocals.

Portraits by Maribou State is out coming out via Counter Records, an imprint of Ninja Tunes, on June 2nd. With the third single they’ve put out out the upcoming “The Clown” featuring Pedestrian on vocals. If the first two tracks didn’t have you convinced to pre-order this yet then the sturdy rhythms, and rich textures will have you on board.

Next up we have Shagabond‘s new remix. This time he took on on “2AM” by Astrid and changed into what he calls a bedroom disco track. I call it a fantastic remix with a great change up at the end.

Last but definitely not least we have Lucian up on the remix duties and what a job he did on Raye’s “Bet U Wish”. Starting of will such fantastic vocals was already a good beginning, but Lucian takes it to the next level with his future synths and vocal sample leads.

cln – Hold Me

Maribou State – ‘The Clown’ ft. Pedestrian

Astrid – 2AM (Shagabond Remix)

Raye – Bet U Wish (Lucian Remix)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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