This Song Will Make You Press Reset

TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy - Press Reset (ft. Amory)The artist collective known as Hebinomichi is set to release their second compilation tomorrow, and they have given us an exquisite sample of what is to come with the latest from the boys of TastyTreat with “Press Reset”. The two summoned upon an unheard of an unfamiliar gem of a singer to provide the sexiest of vocals, complimenting the instrumental.

With slick keys and collaborative fun from BLACK MONDAY and Cory Enemy, along with its genre mashing, this tune is definitely one to be replayed. Be sure to snag the free download here, and follow the crew involved to stay posted with their updates.

Hebinomichi (Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook)
TastyTreat (Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook)
BLACK MONDAY (Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook)
Cory Enemy (Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook)

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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