Left/Right’s Puzzle Remix Pack

LRPuzzleWe put on a wee little remix competition for our main man Left/Right over the Christmas break, and it was met with an astounding response. Over 1,200 downloads of the stems, over 125 remixes submitted, and two months later, we picked three winners out of the group.

The response was so great that we had some tunes that were just too good to leave out of a mention. This remix pack highlights the 1st and 2nd place winners of the competition (Night Calisthenics and Psyborg, respectively) as well as some tunes that were submitted by friends and some tunes that didn’t win the initial competition, but we found ourselves listening to over and over again.

Night Calisthenics, the winner of the competition, is a duo who have just started putting together this project after doing their own solo work, and have a bright future ahead of them. I for one, cannot wait to hear more of what they have coming.

Filling out the pack we have Psyborg, Dana, Lua Sonique, Dorian, and J Vaughan. All very different takes on the original and all so very good!

So enjoy the remixes as we have, and give them all a follow!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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