Going Hard On Hump Day

humpday Hump Days are hard. So we’re just going to go hard right back with two new remixes to keep you going. Sam F took on Yeezus himself aka Kayne West’s song “All Day” giving us a driving remix. This one keeps all the swag of the original just speed up and with some pretty impressive added production. Second we have Aero Chord‘s new remix. He was asked by his buddy Bro Safari for a revamped version of “Scumbag”. The original which was some pretty playful trap gets cranked up in this aggressive remix with plenty of vocal chops and crazy fills. I’m pretty sure Biggie himself would be happy with this new version. Make sure to play both of this bass blasters at full volume.

Yeezus – All Day (Sam F Remix)

Bro Safari – Scumbag (Aero Chord Remix)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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