Elk Road Drops “Lonely Sound

artworks-000112295300-22si3m-t500x500Dropthebassline recently showcased a fresh and free download by Elk Road with collaborators Celph Titled and songstress Desiree Dawson called “Lonely Sound” and it’s incredible and absolutely free to download while we await Elk Road’s current project to drop which sounds like it should be sooner than later.

Elk Road beatmaker and producer Rory Garton Smith from Australia calls this track a hybrid of trap and hip hop, however there is a gracious helping of future pop influence with Desiree Dawson’s refreshingly infectious vocals. Celph Titled’s flows align perfectly with Smith’s trap beats and Dawson’s bubbly pop vocals to create a dynamic and harmonious track that maintains it’s innovative hip hop edge.

Posted By: Mimibug

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