Doggtown And Friends Bleep Bloop & Zeke Beats Attack!

MarsAttacksBleepBloopThis post is going to be very Doggtown centric and I hope you’re ok with that.  You all know I love the crew from Amsterdam so this will just be another post in a long line of post showing you their greatness.

Now, you all know Doggtown Records is a core group consisting of Boeboe, Guerilla Speakerz, Subp Yao, Ganz, and BeauDamian.  In their solo releases they’ve also collaborated with G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Conrank, dOOp, Zeke Beats and many more.  So with allll of these artists that we at Waxhole love, you now know that our digital pages are littered with Doggtown members, collaborators, friends, or any number of associations.

Last month (yes I know I have definitely been off the grid) the Doggtown crew released a wonderful compilation album featuring 16(!) tracks from the crew and their friends.  It’s a massive effort, and one helluva payoff.  Get at the whole thing below, BUT, before you do, check out this tune that our favorite Reverend, Bleep Bloop, collabed with Zeke Beats, whom Subp Yao introduced me to (and who has one awesome EP out on Saturate) last year and I’ve been stoked to follow ever since. The Rev, and you know we love him and have been with him for a long while and the fact that he keeps dropping dope tunes makes me smile every time. Longevity is not very common in this industry and those who do last and continue producing dopeness are the good stories you love to follow.

So listen to Bleep Bloop & Zeke’s tune first:

Then listen to one of my favorites off of Zeke’s Saturate release (HERE):

And then dig right in to this amazing compilation by the Doggtown crew:

Now, rinse and repeat!

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