Cheat Codes & Evan Gartner – “Adventure”

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A combination of Tropical House, Chill Trap and Pop music come together on “Cheat Codes” by Cheat Codes & Evan Gartner and it grew on me a lot the more I listened to it. Initially, the hints of Tropical House kind of rubbed me the wrong way, I feel like that genre is really starting to get over played as the days pass and soon it’ll fade away like other sub-genres that have blown up over night. Aside from that though, the more I listened the more I noticed how on point the pop infused, super catchy vocals were and shortly after I paid more attention to the the chill trap production style that took lead as the song evolved. Stream “Adventure” by Cheat Codes & Evan Gartner below now, it’s quite the introductory release!

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